Periyar Ambedkar Study Circle America

We encourage you to take a few minutes to explore what we are doing through this organization. Spreading the thoughts of the greatest Indian leaders of modern era Thanthai Periyar and Babasaheb Ambedkar and their principles across America and bringing rational, social justice thoughts among people and younger generation.

Monthly Speeches

We regularly conduct a monthly conference call with a guest speaker from india, We try to cover various topics like rationalism, social justice, women empowerment, caste eradication, welfare of oppressed people and etc.,

Book Discussions

We also created a monthly book discussion forum with our PASC group and welcoming outsider to join us, it is learn and understand depth of the book and openly discuss about content. Some of the book discussed were Penn Yen Adimaiyanaal, Ravana Leela ...

The Common SENSE Magazine

A bilingual monthly online magazine released beginning of every month. Our writer are online bloggers based out in US and India. Topics focused on social justice, rationalism, caste and other discrimination and issues of people well being.

Special Events

We conduct meeting across US and Canada for celebrating our leaders Birthday by conducting various events, competitions and seminars. Also recognize and award the social activist from India and across the world.

Our story

We a group of like minded free thinkersĀ of indian origin started this organization last year on April 14th 2017. It was started via conference call by thozhar Kolathur Mani president Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam. We registered our organization with Department of licensing and regulatory affairs, Michigan.

We created FAQs for Thanthai Periyar, a biography of Thanthai Periyar in English. Likewise we are coming up with similar FAQs and videos for Babasaheeb Ambedkar.

Our Activities

Conference Calls
Books Reviews
Magazine Issues