PASC America News Release

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To Whomsoever It May Concern:

Periyar Ambedkar Study Circle – America (PASC) is an independent body registered under the Constitution of The United States. As an organization, PASC has endorsed the letter that expressed objection in Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard participating and associating with the religious hate groups in August. Other groups who agreed with the content of the above said letter, also had signed in endorsement of the letter. It has come to our notice that “Sadhana” which is a Hindu religious organization, has also signed in endorsement of the same content. As PASC fully agree with the content of the letter it endorsed, This announcement is to make it clear that PASC does not have any association with the above said organization “Sadhana”. PASC neither has participated in any events with Sadhana nor has agreed or endorsed any content by the organization. Any other kind of association of PASC with Sadhana may not be assumed.

PASC as organization,
1. Study and Discuss the principles of Periyar and Ambedkar.
2. Study literature, Organize programs on rationalism.
3. Study about all kinds of systems of oppression.
4. Study social issues.

PASC, by principle neither accept / endorse any kind of religious body nor participate in any kind of gatherings related to any religion or cult. We are not a part of any religious or non-religious body anywhere in the world. We do not have association with any other organizations, specifically that of religious in nature. We do not endorse any religious content redefined in different names.

Periyar Ambedkar Study Circle- America