Being Two-Faced !!

Large population of Indians living in the United States of America seem to take potshots at the right-wing politics that’s dictating American politics and policy making. They detest that religion-based, right-wing conservatism EVEN has a place in politics in this advanced age and time.

Tea Party & KKK – When Tea Party started emerging as the right wing rural mouth piece in America, many Indians who lived here stayed as far as possible from the Tea Party. When the Sarah Palins and the Michelle Bachman’s opened their mouths, many Indians cringed and couldn’t relate to anything they ever said. In plain and simple words, their discourse was religious stupidity and white supremacist, for many Indians who live here. They couldn’t stand the hatred and religious conservatism that even defies fundamental science like evolution theory. The vitriol of white supremacy that’s carried through Tea Party, KKK are perceived and criticized as the very opposite of the “values” of an Indian living in America.

Red States Vs. Blue States – During the past election cycles, America clearly looked like a country divided in Red States vs Blue States. It didn’t matter who is running, Republicans won Red States and Democrats won Blue States. Elections were merely a formality in those states. The few toss up states is where the campaigns and events happened. Indians seemed to be proud of the fact that the red state / blue state concept didn’t seem to exist in the supposedly “United” India.

The “Other” Face:

The same Indians, when it comes to Indian politics, seem to take a softer and favorable stand to the Right-Wing Hindu Conservative Politics that’s growing rampantly in India like Cancer. The mouths that took potshots at the Right-Wing Politics in USA can now be heard singling praises of the same brand of politics followed by the Hindutva zealots of RSS and Sangh Parivar.

RSS & Sangh Parivar – RSS ideology is very similar to Tea Party, establishing nationalism and religious conservatism as the “only rhetoric” of politics in India. Sangh Parivar spreads Hindu Supremacy just like KKK is planting the seeds of hatred and spreading White Supremacy. The shocking trend of Indians, those who are especially from the North, is the dichotomy in their ideology in opposing what is happening in the USA and supporting what’s transpiring in India blindly.

Saffron States Vs. Others – The majority of North India has now become Saffron States, no different than the red states of USA. Indians who denigrated and vilified the concept of Red States are more and more accepting of the Saffron State reality of North India. The underlying hypocrisy of being Indians, the majority from the north, stand exposed with their two-faced approach to being against one system in one country but supporting the EXACT same system in another country.

What makes us Indians to be so easily and naturally Hypocrites?

  • We admonish the Slavery and the Segregated school systems that used to be in America and we supported the champions of civil right movement, BUT we ignore and gently go past the truth that Hinduism denied education for 95% of the population in the name of Casteism. Isn’t segregated school system slightly better than no-education at all, as it was under the Hindu – Sharia laws?
  • As of a 2011 study, over 90% of Hindu marriages in India were based on caste. We deride in public forums that caste system is heinous to the society, BUT we make the most important decision of our lives based on caste.
  • We are against discriminative and xenophobic policies of the right-wing politics as Indians in USA and support the thoughts of liberalism and progressive ideas, BUT we enable the RSS brand of politics being discriminative to Minorities and Xenophobic to people of other religion.

What are we missing as a society? Where is our moral compass? We are teaching our children the “purity” of being a Hindu, gently ignoring the many perils and evils that happened in the name of the religion and still happening in the name of casteism, prevalently. Take one honest moment to think – Aren’t we lying through our teeth, to our children, by only giving them the one-sided story? Aren’t we being deceitful and dishonest to our own children, by preaching one thing and practicing the opposite? What do we call ourselves, other than “hypocrites”, to our own children and family? How low we can get as humans? Why is it so easy to be TWO-FACED and HYPOCRITCAL under the current values taught by our system and society?

Why do Indians have one ideology for the country they live and a completely opposite ideology for the country they were born? Are we Split Personalities to have conflicting spells of thoughts for different geographies? Isn’t it important to stand for “What is RIGHT” over “What is CONVENIENT”?

It is that moment and time now, for every Indian to introspect. Ask yourself honestly one question, “Am I a hypocrite?”.

The moment of truth may even hurt a little: “Possibly”. By accepting the truth, you just planted a seed for Common Sense and Rationality!

– Prakash Rangaraju