Women’s rights and Sabarimala temple

Women,  are they impure ? Does their mensurating feature which is a natural biological process makes them impure ? These questions cannot be answered with rationality and logical mind by any religious goons. All women never enter any temple themselves when they are mensurating because they believe the blood to be  impure and that’s the tradition says,  Hindu parties. They must understand that change is inevitable and they can’t keep holding onto this idiotic tradition.
In the year 2015 , Gopalakrishnan  the head of the Travancore Devaswom Board,  said that women could be permitted to enter the temple when a machine to check whether it was the ‘right time’ is invented, a number of women and men criticized his patriarchial view.
Facebook group Feminism in India began the #Happytobleed event and hashtag, in which women hold up sanitary napkins or signboards saying they are happy to bleed.
Even after such  repeated explanations and campaigning that mensus is a natural biological process in women , like men generate sperms , poop and pee , male dominant religious mind attitude  are not willing to understand . But time has come to throw away them says , Supreme Court in its judgment regarding women entry into Sabarimala temple.
On September 28, 2018,   Supreme Court confirms that women can enter the temple of sabarimala and they can’t be stopped as per constitutional principles.
In the year 2016, On August 27, the Bombay High Court came out with a landmark judgment on the Haji Ali Dargah: “Women be permitted to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the Haji Ali Dargah at par with men,” adding that the Haji Ali Dargah Trust cannot enforce a ban “contrary to the fundamental rights” granted by the Constitution. The Sabarimala judgment too stressed that restricting women entering temples is against the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution .
“Why can you not let a woman enter? On what basis are you prohibiting women entry? What is your logic? Women may or may not want to go [to worship at Sabarimala], but that is their personal choice,” pronounced Justice Dipak Misra, heading a three-member apex court bench on the case, “you cannot prevent them from worshipping at the shrine, since it’s against Article 14 (Equality) , Article 25,26( Freedom to religion)of the Indian Constitution.
Following the judgment many progressive women from all over India decided to give an entry to the temple. All Hindu parties and bjp are creating tension in Kerala to stop women entering the temple. They said they plan to commit mass suicide if women gain entry to sabarimala temple which will hurt their religious sentiments. When people never gave their ears to these unnecessary threatenings they started saying that if women try to gain entry to the temple then , they are going to fall in the feet of women and plead to stop entry . Middle of all their political stunts and drama we had Madhavi from Andhra Pradesh who gained entry to the temple. Bjp and their allies and congress are trying to make use of  this issue for their political gains and stand united in not letting the communist government succeed in this venture but  Chief Minister of Kerala is fighting it back in a steady and courageous way.
If we look at the brief history of Aiyappan temples, all temples at Kerala and Tamilnadu do not restrict women, there Aiyappan is a married guy.
Only Sabarimala temple plays the foul game by saying Aiyappan is a bramacharri and women from age 10-50 when mensurating are not let inside due to their impurity that will disturb the bramachariyam of Aiyappan. History reads that earlier Aiyappan temple from Sabarimala was tribal god but later it was abducted by upper caste and they started implementing these rules.
The ban to restrict women entering Sabarimala Temple was announced in the year 1972. Even after such pronouncement it was not implemented strictly . In the year 1986, a film shooting was made there in which the actress dances in all the 18 steps. The Devastham Board has charged Rs. 7500/- for this shooting says N.S. Madhavan. Only in the year 1990 following the public interest litigation  the high court of Kerala ordered for the non- entry of women into Sabarimala temple.  In the year 1993 it was strictly implemented and women were totally banned from entering Sabarimala under  Rule 3 (b) of the Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorisation of Entry) Rules, 1965.
But even from Ancient times, only in this temple the babies were given their first food by their mothers.  There are evidences that in the year 1939 , the Queen of Travancore had conducted pooja inside Sabarimala Aiyappan temple .
T.K.A Nair the former secretary of , former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has recalled his picture sitting on the lap of his  mother in Sabarimala Temple. All these facts clarify that before 1991 all women had complete access to Sabarimala temple.
Also we can not deny the fact that Rss hardcore leaders and allies who are creating tension at Kerala now, were the one who filed a case in the year 2006, asking for unrestricted access to women at Sabarimala temple. It’s transparent that today their double standards is purely on political strategies.
We the progressive rationals from all over India , let’s make sure to stand with Kerala Government to win over the conspiracies of Hindutva Goons and make sure women get their constitutional rights.